kunsten å gjøre ingenting

Copy of Veiholmen



The tiny fishingvillage of Veiholmen lies right at the northernmost tip of the island of Smøla.

The final  8 km of  the road out to Veiholmen is spectacular, where it meanders over tiny islands and across  tall bridges and possibly spotting a sea-eagle hunting in she shallow waters along the road.

Veiholmen Foto: Lena Knutsen


Approx. 250 people live out here, but during Summer, Veiholmen becomes a popular destination for tourists of all nationalities who appreciate the uniqueness of this quaint village.
The wooden houses are almost attached to one another and  with hardly no fences parting the properties you may walk between the houses and really getting a feeling for how close knit this community is, literally speaking!

There is a magnitude of activities to partake in, such as kayaking, deepsea- and shorefishing, hiking , guided tours in the archipelago or around the village, diving/snorkling, eagle-safari or simply just do nothing at all!
Whilst strolling around the village, you may stop at the Liebhaber coffeeshop which offers the best cakes out of Oslo or pop into  the local bar here you may enjoy local beer and spirits as well as end up taking part in a singalong or two!  The locals are very friendly and willingly interact with tourists visiting their lovely village.